Breaking Ice: A Symposium

NEWS: Exploring new ways of working together, Art and Science explore urgent environmental issues, climate change and human health.

During this one day symposism presented by Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington, 15 leading artists, scientists and designers will explore new ways of working together in order to create innovative solutions to urgent issues related to the environment, human health, and climate change.

In response to the environmental challenges of the 21st Century, we need to facilitate a new understanding of the world that empowers individuals and enables communities to participate in owning problems and generating solutions. This can only been brought about through new kinds of dialogue between and across disciplines.

Through 12 power talks and 3 international keynote presentations, leading experts will each explore an aspect of the science/art dialogue as a first step towards creating a new, collaborative future.

Keynote Speakers:

Natalie Jeremijenko - Reimagining Environmentalism

Natalie will talk about the xCLINIC (The Environmental Health Clinic) an innovative art/science initiative established to affect environmental action through participatory engagement in complex technical, scientific and environmental challenges.

Frances Whitehead - Future Practice

This session will address new models for collaborative civic practice, linking art, design, science and civic engagement for the public good. Stemming from the question “What Do Artists Know?” the talk will also address Whitehead’s recent projects, linking culture and the urban ecology.

David Buckland – The Cape Farewell High Arctic Expedition, a symbiotic dynamic between climate scientists and artists.

David Buckland, creator and director of Cape Farewell, will showcase the work of the scientists and artists who have worked together to address climate change and vision the need for a sustainable cultural shift.

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