Bringing life to Christchurch

NEWS: We are starting to reflect on a successful festival. Read here for a quotes and statistics from NZ IceFest 2014.

Its a wrap!

We have now wrapped up NZ IceFest, and are starting to reflect on a successful festival. It was amazing to see people of all walks of life enjoying being both at NZ IceFest as well as being back in Cathedral Square in the heart of Christchurch.

We are now is a busy stage of reviewing the festival, looking into themes and content for 2016, investigating a possible name change and further developing relationships with our festival partners.

The full evaluation is still in process, but below are a few statistics 

  • Approximately 36,000 people visited the NZ IceFest Hub over the 16 days of the festival
  • 10,500 visitors passed through the Antarctic Time Travel Exhibition, learning about Climate Change and what they can do about it
  • Approximately 50,000 people visited the exhibitions that were not at the Festival Hub itself at Canterbury Museum, Form Gallery, Jonathan Smart Gallery and Selwyn Gallery
  • 10,000 people visited other events we ran off-site including the USAP Air Day, Sled Dog Racing and various talks held at other venues.


Quotes from the public about NZ IceFest:

“Wonderful way to get children involved in some great Science. We grabbed the passport once on site and use it to guide you through. Spent all morning there. Brilliant! Well done Ice Fest!”

Antarctic Time Travel Exhibition: "Awesome, that was just awesome. My kids came through on Sunday and dragged us back for a second time so I had to see what it was all about. Really good to see what we can do about it" 


From the Antarctic Time Travel Exhibition pledge-me photobooth. 

I’m going to live a lower carbon future by:

“Growing veges, riding bikes, turning off lights and walking to school”

“Walking to work”

“Looking to see if the products I use are eco friendly”

“Eating less animal products”

“Off-setting air travel emissions”

“Buying energy efficient products”


When asked what they learnt at NZ IceFest:

"We need to look after our planet for the benefit of future generations" Age 11

“I have learned when CO2 goes up the temperature gets hotter" Age 7

"It doesn't rain in Antarctica, so to make coffee you need to melt snow in a pan" Age 9