NZ IceFest Hub

Our tagline is "Bringing Antarctica to the World". We certainly lived up to it, by creating an Antarctic themed festival hub in the heart of Central Christchurch at 33 Cathedral Square!

From the 27th September to the 12th October 2014, NZ IceFest transformed 33 Cathedral Square in central Christchurch into what was, for all intended purposes, a little slice of Antarctica. This bespoke environment, created especially for NZ IceFest hosted people from all walks of life. The NZ IceFest Hub was made up of a variety of features. Below is a list of the highlight features that brought together a little Antarctic magic:

The Antarctica New Zealand Ross Island Venue - seated up to 250 guests and hosted everything from speaker series and functions to interactive kids activities.

The Antarctic Time Travel Exhibition - an interactive experience through the last 50 million years of Antarctic climate history.

The Tatty Flag Bookshop - an eclectic collection of Antarctic themed books bought together by Colin Monteath, famed polar and mountain photographer and writer.

Beneath the Blooming Ice Exhibition - an interative experience taking you below the depths of the Southern Ocean.

Inland Ice Outdoor Art Installation - re-imagining the ice barrier of Antarctica, by artist Gabby O'Connor.

The Hits 97.7 Antarctic Field Camp and Hagglund - a place for the family to try on and check out real Antarctic equipment.

Scott Base Cafe/Bar - served Scott Base wines, MacKinlays Whisky, and not to mention two specially brewed NZ IceFest beers; the C130 Ale and the Winfly Pilsner by Wigram Breweries were available as well as hot food, coffee and hot chocolate.

Outdoor Stage and Reverse Curling Rink - for general evening entertainment.

A Snapshot to Antarctica Outdoor Photo Exhibition - featuring images from the 29 nations that form the Antarctic Treaty.



The Tatty Flag Bookshop


The Hits 97.7 Antarctic Field Camp


The Scott Base Café & Bar