Past Festivals

NZ IceFest has had the pleasure of hosting amazing line ups of events including expert speakers, interactive exhibitions, thought provoking art and fun family activities just to name just a few. 

Below is an archive of past information from previous festivals.

NZ IceFest 2014

The second NZ IceFest moved back into the heart of central Christchurch as was condensed into two weeks from 26 Sept - 12 Oct during the School Holidays. The festival hub was located next to Cathedral Square on an empty post earthquake building site, and the key exhibition Antarctic Time Travel which snaked through 9 shipping containers became the centre piece of our hub which was designed to give a feeling of arriving in Antarctica.

2014 Programme Highlights

2014 Speakers

2014 Festival Hub

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NZ IceFest 2012

The inaugural NZ IceFest 2012 was held over four weeks from 14 Sept - 14 Oct. The festival was held in Hagley Park with the atmospheric Geodomes forming the central hub for the festival. This was a perfect venue in post earthquake Christchurch as much of the central city was still closed to the public. 

2012 Programme Highlights

2012 Speakers

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